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Play Fast, Everywhere

Build your deck with Rebels from the Kryptobellion Clans, fight with your Squad, rank up and get access to the Word Rebel Champion title and rewards !

The First Clans

Play Fast

You and your Squad have only 1 minute to win the battle

Average game time on League of Legends is around 35 minutes, during this time you would have played more than 30 battles.
The end of ragequit.

Master the game

Your deck is a strategic combination amoung thousand fighters from hundred clans

With over 100 Clans that contains 10 Rebels with 5 levels each, you will be able to build your own strategy with unlimited combinations.
Create the best deck to defeat your enemies and become famous !


You can earn Epic items by just playing every day

Rebels Cards : Unlike other Card Games, you don't have to spend any money to build your deck.

Epic Items : Collect limited edition NFT Skins of your prefered Rebels on Tournaments and Championship. You can sell them on crypto markets.

$KRYPTO : Earn $KRYPTO (cryptocurrency) in Tournaments and Championship. You can spend your $KRYPTO customize your avatar and Rebels or use it in real life (buy a Tesla !)

Get your $KRYPTO Tokens now !