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Play, compete, win

Usually Esports are restricted to a small elite of pro gamers. With our innovative multi-level tournaments, everyone can win.
Casual, hardcore and pro gamers will find adapted challenges to their way of playing.

The Tournaments

Rebel Training Tournament

Everyone have access to weekly tournaments

Every week, players will compete in random groups of 200 gamers. TOP 10 of each group will get rewards and access to the monthly Rebel Arena Tournament.

Take your chance every week !

Rebel Arena Tournament

Only your skills can bring your here

Thousands of Rebel Training Tournament winners will
compete for Epic rewards and Arena Champions title.

Hundred of Arena Champions will get rewarded by Epic NFT skins and $KRYPTO every month.

World Rebel Championship

Every 6 months, everyone have a chance to become the World Rebel Champion

Enter the Battle Royale, and fight to become the new World Rebel Champion.

Cashprize : $1,000,000 USD value in $KRYPTO for TOP players
Rewards :
- Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary NFT will be distributed to players regarding their WRC rank.

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